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Focusing on:
I.  Relationship with my Child.
     A. What was my relationship with my parents like?
     B. What do I expect parents to do?
             father/mother differences
             provider vs. direct care
             What is my role?
II. Discipline
              Whos role?
              How do we discipline?
                   time out
                   other consequences, ie withholding etc.
III. New Paradigm
      A. Value of Parenting
      B. Importance of Parenting.
      C. Mindful of Parenting - valuing each moment
      D. Focus on teaching, training, and making child
IV. What works?
      A. Children want
                    attention, feeling important
                    to be loved
V. How do we enhance our relationshps with our children and change their behavior?
                    Express approval
                    Model Behavior
                    Mold Behavior
VI. Structure
VII. Reinforcement System
       A. Natural Rewards
       B. Reward Systems
Other areas include:
Increasing joy in your home
Creating an attitude of gratitude
Teaching responsibility, not entitlement

3 sessions $450 for all 3 sessions for 1 or both parents if living in the same home

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